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Ehsan Abbaszadeh

Ehsan abbaszadeh, Founder


I am Ehsan Abbaszadeh, an engineer, business operator, and entrepreneur seeking to purchase one company and to operate over the long-term.

I live in New York City and my objective is to buy one privately held company and operate for the long term while preserving the owner’s legacy. I can quickly and efficiently purchase a business and have the capital to close. I'm specifically looking for companies with below characteristics:

  • Minimum $3 million annual sales 

  • Profit margins in excess of 10% (before tax)

  • Stable historical performance

  • No single customer larger than 20% of sales

If you are interested in transferring your business into the hands of an experienced local operator who will join your community, commit to the industry, and preserve your legacy and relationships with your employees and customers, please reach out to me. I’m interested in acquiring a majority stake (75-100%), and having an owner remain as a consultant for up to 12 months to ensure a successful transition.

Email me at or call me at (929) 273-0058.


I look forward to speaking with you.

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